Quality employees to a business are like quality tenants to a landlord. They can generate a tremendous profit – or they can end up costing more than you could imagine.

After more than 25 years in commercial banking, I’ve worked with thousands of business owners, property managers, and non-profit leaders. And I’ve heard more than my share of stories about less-than-ideal employees, tenants, and volunteers. But it was a personal encounter as a non-profit board member that changed the way I viewed the importance of knowing who you’re working with.

The son of my high school classmate and friend was diagnosed with non-verbal autism at a very young age. As a father, my friend quickly recognized the general lack of awareness about autism, so he started a non-profit foundation to help educate the community about the impact the disorder has on the individual and those around him or her.

After a few months on the board, I grew increasingly concerned about the resistance of the existing treasurer to produce financial statements for the foundation. The result of an in-depth investigation concluded that the treasurer had embezzled more than $40,000 from the foundation’s bank account.

Stories like this break my heart, and it happens time and time again in both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

I partnered with Background Screeners of America to start SafeSearch because I am dedicated to helping people like you find the right fit for your business, non-profit organization, or rental property.

Choose a background screening company that has your best interest at heart, will exceed your expectations, and can provide you with peace-of-mind. Choose SafeSearch. Can you afford not to?